-------------Building Maintenance Meetings/Minutes--------------



March 11, 2020                6:00PM               Addison Town Hall

In attendance: Glen Garnett, Terry Grant, Bill Mercer, Don Williams

Meeting called to order at 6:10 pm.

Approved minutes of February 12,2020. (unofficially)

The committee voiced their appreciation to the Town of Addison residents for approving our 2020 budgeted maintenance proposal.  And so we begin!

We discussed the need for a meeting with the new fire chief, David Perham, to review the BMC responsibilities for maintenance to fire stations #1 and #2. We will request our next BMC meeting April 8, 2020 to be held in the training room of fire station #1. We would like all volunteers, Sheldon Trundy and selectmen interested to attend. It is imperative that both buildings meet all codes and provide the individuals using these facilities with operating efficiencies and safety. We will also need a sit down with our road commissioner, Marcus Norton, concerning the use of our Storage building and Salt barn. We agreed that a comprehensive list of key contacts is needed to maintain communication between users and the BMC for all our facilities. 

The committee began it's review of the approved updates to the Town Hall. We started by reviewing the specifications for the new reception area. The committee agreed to make some modifications to the original design: ( the ADA compliant opening of fire doors-“swing”) and customer reception window operation and locations.

A conversation was had concerning licensed local contractors and developing a reference list for Town Officials to use when work is needed.

We will post a notification on the front door of the Town Hall making all citizens aware of the work to begin March 16, 2020 of vinyl siding to the second floor.

Call for adjournment at 7:10 pm.



February 12, 2020             6:00PM           Addison Town Hall

Meeting called to order at 6 pm.
In attendance: Adrian Batson, Peter Davis, Glen Garnett, Terry Grant, Bill Mercer, Stephen Oliver, Donald Williams, (all members).
Approved minutes of 12/11/2019 by Peter Davis and Terry Grant.
Review of business activities for BMC year 2019.
what went well”!
No news was good news from the community! All work was completed as scheduled except for a delay in the vinyl siding to the second floor of the Town Hall. Mainely Vinyl could not make our 2019 request start date due to work load and weather. The new start date will be March 16,2020 weather permitting. We were able to sell both the Wind Turbine and Solar Array for a total of $6,250.00 which will be used to offset the added insulation expense to the second floor of the Town Hall prior to vinyl siding.
what did not go well”!
Our advertising cost to post bid projects was more than expected. The results of “requests for bid” did not bring in local contractor bidding. We were forced to accept bids from outside our community involving sub-contractors. This created additional member supervision and corrections to work during the projects. Membership meeting attendance was not as good as expected.
what will we do different in 2020”!
We will use alternative options for “project bid postings”. Shop and Save electronic signage, local lumber outlets, neighboring community environments, Town of Addison web site and facebook pages and community word of mouth. We will continue to use local publication advertising where affordable. We will establish a list of local insured contractors interested in supporting our projects and make them aware of our bid projects as they develop. We have assigned Peter Davis as lead contact for all projects which will require the awarded bidder to advise start dates and project reviews as needed. We will offer alternative BMC meeting dates when membership conflicts arise.
The selectmen have asked the BMC to take on the maintenance of Fire Station #1. We will meet with the current Fire Chief to establish what this will entail. We will also create an interim operating budget to perform any maintenance needed in 2020. This will come from the proposed 2020 “Fire Department Budget” of $57,301.00. The selectmen have agreed that the Fire Station #1 training room facilities will be made available to any Town appointed committees that may need these facilities for meetings.
In preparation for questions or changes to the 2020 BMC budget outlined in “Warrant Article 19” as a result of input from the March Community Meeting, the committee has agreed to prioritize project expenditures accordingly.

Call for adjournment at 7:10 pm.



october 9, 2019   6:00pm   addison town hall

meeting called to order at 6:05pm.

Accept minutes of September 11,2019.

We will post on Craig's list the solar panels for sale.

Adrian Batson will remove the old (non working) heating unit from the storage building by year end.

Marcus Norton will repair the hot top at the rear entry of the Town Hall.

Bill Mercer has completed the installation of the fire security system.

The blue spruce will be planted at Point Park this month.

Mainly Vinyl will begin the second story vinyl siding in November.

The Storage Building bidder has not fulfilled their obligation to complete the restoration bid as specified. We will post a new request for bid on the Addison Town web site, post on the bulletin board in the Town Hall and at the Shop and Save supermarket. Also we will communicate “word of mouth” request for new bidding. The post will appear November 13, 2019 with a response deadline of two weeks, Wednesday, November 27, 2019. The Selectmen have agreed to carry over the 2019 budgeted amount into 2020 if work can not be completed this year.

When we made room for PRHS to occupy the storage area on the second floor of the Town Hall, we discovered storage of Boy Scout materials and projects. Judy Rolfe will make arrangements to have this material removed.

Also we need the Selectmen to make arrangements for the proper disposal of Town records found in storage on the second floor of the Town Hall. The material exceeded the time requirements required for record storage.

We were unable to meet the deadline requirement to apply for The Nature Conservancy of Maine's funding for municipal LED lighting. Our inability to get the process started and to notify our partner, Cloud Nine, for an estimate of cost caused the missed deadline. Hopefully we will have another chance at this in the future.

We discussed our preparation of projects for the 2020 BMC budget. This will be the main topic at our November meeting.

Call for adjournment 6:37pm.



September 11, 2019     6:ooPM     Addison Town hall

Meeting called to order 6Pm.

minutes of August 14, 2019 accepted by Bill Mercer and seconded by Glenn garnett.

A moment of silence for 9/11 victims.

we reviewed pictures of the completed bid projects to make sure all work was completed as requested and met all bid specifications.

We agreed not to pay bangor abatement for painting until solar array was removed as promised in painting bid contract.

don williams agreed to follow up on storage building "bid contract" to confirm start date for removal of east side overhead door and reframing and siding.

we reviewed prhs storage location and move in schedule.

we agreed to involve adrian batson in the removal of the now defunct heating system in the storage building.

terry grant agreed to have the power pole meter box fixed at fire station #1 with the help of a BHC disconnect.  Peter davis was to temporarily bracket pvc connect.  work to take place sometime week of september 16th.

glen garnett provided us with a copy of the signed point park tree planting contract.  blue spruce to be planted in mid october.

bill mercer will complete the fire security system hook up in the town hall this month.

hot top will be used to fill in an area of the entry way walk atthe north entry to the town hall.  marcus norton will complete this, this month.

call for adjournment by bill mercer, second by glen garnett at 6:30 PM.



August 14, 2019              6:00PM        ADDISON TOWN HALL

Meeting called to order at 6pm.

Minutes of June 12, 2019 accepted by Terry Grant and seconded by Bill Mercer.

We reviewed the bid contractors and their start dates as it relates to available funds.

Bangor Abatement (trim painting), begins work week of August 19th with completion sometime that week, weather permitting. They will be removing the solar panels for storage in the Storage Building until we can offer for sale. We will post “work notice” on all 3 buildings to be painted for patrons safety.

Storage shed work will begin first week in September and “work notice” will be posted at that time.

The wind turbine will be removed as soon as the blueberries are harvested and funds from the sale will be moved into the BMC budget to help pay for the Town Hall residing.

Black Bear Security will instal the last fire protection units to the first and second floors in September. Funds have been carried over from the 2018 budget to cover the remaining work.

Cathy Fonda presented the BMC with a proposal to provide a residence for the Pleasant River Historical Society. PRHS has been without a home for several years and needs a space to store Historical memorabilia for presentations and posterity. The Town Hall second floor was proposed as a permanent site for PRHS. They have offered to help with the cost of abating and providing ADA access. The BMC will bring the proposal to the board of selectmen’s meeting on the 19th. After some conversation concerning use and needs the committee voted unanimously to support the proposal. We will ask to be a part of the selectmen's agenda on the 19th for further discussion.

There was some comment and public concern, about the fire alarm on the Storage Building roof being made available for sale. This was a topic of conversation at an earlier meeting as a possible way to generate income. The idea was dismissed as the committee felt it could be used for other purpose and historical value.

The cost of advertising in local publications for “Bid” requests has become an expensive issue. Glen recommended the Coastal Chronicle as a “free” advertising source, we agreed to use them for future advertising.

Other : Our Christmas tree planting project will happen in October, in Point Park as planned, reported by Glen Garnett.

Call for adjournment by Stephen Oliver, second by Bill Mercer.

Meeting adjourned at 7:05pm.



June 12, 2019         6:00PM       Addison Town hall

In attendance: Adrian Batson, Peter Davis, Glen Garnett, Terry Grant, Bill Mercer, Irwin Pinkham, Don Williams.

Meeting called to order at 6pm.

Accepted minutes from May 8th 2019 meeting. Peter Davis, Terry Grant

We reviewed the awarded bids received for specification and insurance compliance. Peter Davis and Don Williams agreed to notify the three companies of their bid project awards. We will review the contract requirements and start date with each bidder. The successful bid contractors are: Storage Building remodel - Heart of Maine Construction, Painting project – Bangor Abatement,Inc.( they also agreed to included removal of solar panels as a result of painting contract award ), Dismantle and purchase of Wind Turbine – Paul Watts.

The committee agreed to rewrite the second story Town Hall vinyl siding specifications to include insulation. After an examination of the second floor structure it was agreed that a blown in fiberglass product might be the best solution, however, we will allow the awarded contractor to make the final decision. Peter Davis will prepare specifications and place the bid project in local publications for award. We expect that the bid deadline will be required by July 15th.

We reviewed the BMC budgeted expenses to date. ( The break out is displayed on the bulletin board at the Town Hall.) 2019 publication bid advertising expenses will be applied to the 2019 BMC budget, this unanticipated estimate to be approximately ($1,000.00). As a result we will add a separate line item to the 2020 BMC budget for advertising.

Other: Glen Garnett reported on the blue spruce tree to be planted in Point Park in September, we are under budget for this project. Terry Grant reviewed the need to repair the exhaust extractor at he new Fire Station. Peter Davis suggested that expense for this repair come from the Fire Station budget as it has nothing to do with buildings maintenance. We all agreed with his observation. Don Williams and Terry Grant will meet with Matt Alley, Fire Chief to discuss further action. Don Williams will meet with Dean Bradshaw as a result of conversation with engineer Andrew Mulholland concerning our drainage project. Meeting adjourned at 7pm. Don Williams, Chairman BMC.



May 8, 2019          6:00PM       Addison Town hall

In attendance: Adrian Batson, Peter Davis, Glen Garnett, Bill Mercer,Irwin Pinkham, Marcus Norton, Don Williams.

Meeting called to order 6pm.

Review of and call to accept minuets of April 10,2019. Move to accept by Peter Davis and Bill Mercer.

First item was to review published bids for: Fire Station #2, Storage Building, Town Hall and Mechanical shed painting and trim painting. Removal of Solar panels. Remodel of Storage building. Sale and removal of wind turbine. All agreed that the listings were correct and explicit. Bids to be reviewed and open at the June 3rd selectman’s meeting.

Second item was to review input from the community concerning the Town Hall siding. Insulation requirements were left out of the first requested bid proposal. We agreed to rewrite specifications to include insulation to the second floor walls on the South, East and West side. The North side will be insulated at a later date as the wall is open on the inside of the building to insert insulation. We agreed to have the awarded contractor be responsible for subcontracting the insulation if necessary rather than require a separate bid for insulation. The revised siding bid will be prepared and advertised after our next meeting June 12,2019.

Third item was to approve Glen Garnett's responsibility to select and get pricing on planting a tree in Point Park . The blue spruce will be planted along the West side of the walk way next to the shrub line. Not only will the blue spruce enhance the environment but will also allow the town to decorate the tree for holiday seasons. We would like to see the Christmas Holiday and other holiday events held in the park to create more interest and use of our park. The town incurred many tax dollars to build Point Park and it seems a shame we do not use it more often. This is a committee concern! Vote was unanimously approved to move forward with the planting.

Fourth item on the agenda was to address the landscaping and drainage issues at the Hall. Marcus Norton discussed options with us as to how we might redirect water away from the hall. The final consensus was to hire an engineer to survey the environment and move forward with his recommendations. We have contacted West Falls Survey in Machias to schedule a review.

Fifth item was to complete a survey from the State of Maine to approve the Town Hall ADA compliant as a voting facility. We assigned Peter Davis and Don Williams to complete the form. The form was completed and given to Kim Davis for mailing.

Meeting adjourned at 7:05pm.



April 10, 2019          6:00PM       Addison Town hall

In attendance: Adrian Batson, Peter Davis, Glen Garnett, Terry Grant, Bill Mercer, Stephen Oliver, Irving Pinkham (alt), Don Williams.

Guests: Kimbley Davis, V.J. Lenfestey.

Meeting called to order 6:05pm.

Swearing in for “Oath of Municipal Official” by Kimbley Davis for all members.

There was not a quorum at the February meeting and the March 13th meeting was canceled due to the March 12th Town of Addison meeting so no minutes to be approved.

Our agenda was to prepare “requests for bid project specifications” to be placed in local publications for the month of May. We broke into 5 groups to write the specifications for: Vinyl siding to the second story of the Town Hall; Storage building remodel; Trim painting for the (Town Hall- Fire station #2- Mechanical shed- Storage building); Point Park tree planting and water shed landscaping for the Town Hall; Sale of Solar panels and wind turbine.

Anyone interested in bidding on any or all of these projects please check your local listings.

We were able to write all specifications and reviewed each project with a consensus and unanimous approval.

A request was made for additional topics that might improve our community maintenance oversight.

These topics will be added to upcoming meeting agendas.

Meeting adjourned at 7:07pm.




NOVEMBER 14, 2018       6:00pm      ADDISON TOWN HALL

In attendance: Adrian Batson, Terry Grant, Bill Mercer, Stephen Oliver, Don Williams, selectman Tim Thompson.

Call to order 6pm November 14, 2018.
Accept minutes of October 10, 2018.

Discussion: Review ideas for the revitalization of the Town Hall. We have agreed to incorporate the following improvements to the Town Hall.  Add 2 new offices; Assessors office and Code enforcement officer's office.  Add a conference room.  Make improvements to existing front office and counter space.  Add a powder room in the front foyer.  Change out the ceilings in the existing offices.  Update both men and woman's bathrooms.  Add a handicap elevator to first and second floors.  Update all elements to the mechanical environment.  Plumbing, heating and electrical.  Add new siding to the second story (Forest green shingle style vinyl).  Paint the exterior entrance railings and steps and trim.  Add new hot top to the handicapped area on the North side of the building.

After studying alternative options for the building improvements: a building annex 15'x30' to the North side of the building or refurbishing the existing second floor space, it was unanimous to utilize the existing space on the second floor. We will review the space with the input of a building engineer before recommending any further improvement ideas.

Open forum: Bill Mercer suggested that we postpone the expenditure of the approved $8,000.00 budgeted for fire security until we have approval to move forward on the proposed reconstruction project. The fire security system would incorporate new construction as well as old.

Tim Thompson asked that the committee write specifications for the solar and windmill turbine so that the Town could offer the equipment for sale if so approved.

Meeting adjourned 7pm.



OCTOBER 10, 2018       6:00pm      ADDISON TOWN HALL


We delayed the official “call to order” to 6:30 pm due to the swearing in of Adrian Batson to the “Oath of Municipal Officer” by Kim Davis. ( Kim attended our meeting by request so that we could create the quorum required to conduct a formal meeting.) It is a requirement for all committee members to be “sworn in” to serve in an official capacity to any committee in the Town of Addison. It gives the member an “official” vote in forming a quorum to pass a proposal.

Our first issue on the agenda was to review the Town of Addison Energy Grant of 2010 to determine whether to continue the costly maintenance of the windmill and the ineffective use of the solar panels on the front of the building. Our Grant required the town to maintain the agreement for a minimum of 3 years (2013). It was a unanimous vote to no longer participate in the grant and to sell the equipment. The committee will write a recommendation to the town selectmen to approve this proposal.

Note: The solar PANEL system has never functionED properly due to an incomplete operating installation causing a net 0 benefit to our energy costs. We plan on completing the second level siding to the Town Hall in 2019. There is an extra cost to the project if the solar panels remain. The windmill has not made a substantial contribution in decreasing our electrical bills on a annual basis when the maintenance costs of the windmill are deducted. We can provide the annual costs involved in the windmill maintenance upon request.

We will prepare an “invitation for bid” to paint the trim boards, doors and entry environments to the Town Hall, Fire Station #2 and the Town Storage building. This work will be performed as soon as weather permits in the Spring of 2019.

A Town Hall Annex floor plan diagram was handed out to begin conversation concerning the Annex proposal. We will begin writing specification for the proposal to present to the selectmen to consider an Annex to the Town Hall. This will be the main topic for our November 14th meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 7pm.



 September 12, 2018          5:00 PM        aDDISON tOWN hALL

PRESENT: Adrian Batson, Peter Davis, Glen Garnett, Bill Mercer, Stephen Oliver, AND Don Williams.

Agenda: Meeting called to order at 5PM September 12, 2018.
Minutes of August 8, 2018 were accepted.

 A request was made that those on the committee who did not swear and sign “The Oath of Municipal Officer” to do so ASAP!!

 A review of the 2018 BMC budget was discussed with special attention to current progress on select projects: Town Hall, Fire Station #2, Point Park Wall, Windmill/Solar Panels and Annex.  Comments indicated agreement that we complete all projects underway with some minor modifications.

Discussion of existing and future “Grants” and the importance to set aside “Grant” monies for maintenance and or termination.  We reviewed the time line of responsibility to the Town of Addison for the 2010 “Energy Grant” (windmill, solar panels, and street lighting), which was three years.  We must decide to continue maintenance or to dissolve all or part based on payback contribution.

Conversation on the proposed “annex” to the Town Hall was tabled to the October 10, 2018 meeting due to lack of time.

Work to be completed yet this year is: To write specifications and post bidding for trim painting to the entry way of the Town Hall, Storage Building, and Fire Station #2.

Meeting was adjourned at 6PM.

Thanks to all participants and your valuable input.

NOTE: Thank you to the following:

Peter Davis for completing the following work on the Town Hall – Vinyl Siding on the Town Hall, providing access to the crawl space for the spray foaming and the sono tube foundation to the second-floor exit.
Bill Mercer for monitoring and maintaining the security system.
G.R. Roofing for completing the roofs on Fire Station #2 and the adjoining shed.

Art and Artie Tatangelo for pointing all the cap stones on the Point Park wall.

Our next Building Maintenance Committee meeting is: Wednesday, October 10th, at 6PM.



            aUGUST 8TH, 2018      6:00 PM        aDDISON tOWN hALL

PRESENT: Tim Thompson, V.J.Lenfesty, Don Williams, Stephen Oliver, Bill Mercer, Peter Davis, Adrian Batson.

Meeting called to order AT 6 pm.

Agenda:  Review start dates for maintenance on Town Hall, Fire Station #2 roofing, Point Park wall, Windmill, Insulating crawl space of Town Hall. Discuss plans for proposed addition to Town Hall.

Prep work on the town hall ( replace some facia returns and end cap boards) for painting or vinyl siding. If painting is chosen, Peter Davis will perform the prep., if vinyl, the selected bidder will perform the work. We will write a Bid Spec.Form to receive information on what is available in the way of stamped shake style vinyl for the proposed siding in lieu of paint. After careful review of cost versus material and longevity, the BMC will make the decision to move forward on the second floor Town Hall upgrade. We would like to remove the solar panels as they are non productive and add cost to anything we do to the front of the building. We will review the Grant and move accordingly. Our first concern is to the cost versus quality and longevity of all our maintenance issues!

 Peter Davis will complete the first floor north side vinyl siding this September along with other scheduled work: sono tubes for the fire escape and gutter drainage issues.

 Spray Foam (crawl space, interior walls of foundation and floor stringers) will begin next week by Ryan Shaw.

 The Windmill maintenance will be performed in the month of September, more information is needed  concerning the Grant requirements before this work is started.

 Fire Station #2 roofing will begin the second week of September by G.R. Roofing of Brewer, Maine. A lengthy discussion was had to review why we have to go out of town to have work done ( and pay more) when we have so much talent here in Addison!!  Insurance is not that expensive when it could be applied to each bid requirement.

Point Park wall repair: it is likely to cost $5,000.00 to repair this wall properly. Art Tatangelo has given us an estimate to recap the entire wall and replace and point loose and missing stones. We will get additional estimates from Sullivan quarry for milling the granite top units. Our price for material,to date, is with EBS for $3,918.00 and approx. $1,000.00 for labor. A note on future Grant projects: money needs to be put in reserve for maintenance!! " Everything requires maintenance"!

Proposed Town Hall Annex: Our project begins with needs versus space versus capital.

BMC proposal : an up to date mechanical room for heat, plumbing and electrical efficiencies. New fuel source (propane). A two story addition that will allow us to use the remaining space behind the North side of the building without requiring change in boundary codes. An interior elevator for handicapped and materials use to the second floor existing structure. This will allow for future use of the second floor after revitalization. Three additional offices (12x12) for : Assessor, Code enforcement officer and Operating officer. Two new bathrooms (men/women), a small conference room (16x16) and access to the crawl space under the Town Hall. This new annex environment will allow for some remodeling within the existing hall; front entry, offices, kitchen and new bathroom (unisex). Don Williams will draw out a suggested floor plan to begin the project. The floor plan and proposal will be discussed at our next BMC meeting September 12th, 2018.

 Meeting adjourned.




MAY 9, 2018    3:00 PM   ADDISON TOWN HALL













Addison Buildings Maintenance Committee 


January 10, 2018    6:00 PM   Addison town hAll

Present: Terry Grant, Glen Garnett, Adrian Batson, Bill Mercer, Don Williams.

Meeting called to order 6:05 pm. 

Terry Grant approved minutes from November 29th and Glen Garnett seconded.

Welcomed new member Adrian Batson and accepted membership request from Bill Mercer.
Discussed the difficulty getting members to attend monthly meetings in an effort to obtain a quorum on maintenance requirements.  
We are looking for a secretary to take meeting minutes -  we may have to tape if no one volunteers.
6:20pm - Bill Mercer of Black Bear Security presented an outline and requirements for the installation of a fire protection system in conjunction with the security alarm warning devices previously accepted for installation. The committee agreed that both systems were necessary and suggested that the selectmen make the final decision as to selecting a cellular or land line warning method. Glen Garnett made the moton which was seconded by Adrian Batson. (The proposal including cost analysis has been forwarded to the committee and selectmen.)
The installation of two down spouts on the east side of the Town Hall was quoted to be $275.00 by Mainley Vinyl. This was the same figure quoted last year, Glenn Garnett made the request to have them installed and Terry Grant seconded, vote was unanimous. Request John Woodward to phone in  work order.
The responsibilities of the Buildings Maintenance Committee were discussed and the question arose as to the maintenance of the "Town Park". It was agreed that the Park is the committee's responsibility. We have three solar lights in the park that are not functioning, a broken gate and loose top stones on the wall that need repair.
John Woodward has requested that the Buildings Maintenance Committee present a budget for 2018 expenses to the town by the 19th of January. We have requested that committee members recommend areas of concern for maintenance in 2018 to me so that I might compile expense information for John. The environments for review include 3 fire units, the windmill, the park and the Town Hall. Please e-mail this information to me by Wednesday the 17th of January.
We currently have $17,105.70 left in the 2017 budget that will allow us to complete proposed work previously approved by the selectmen in 2017. We must complete this work by the end of January;  which include - Town Hall security, foam insulation, gutters, lighting at salt shed and fire house #2.
A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Glenn Garnett and was seconded by Adrian Batson, meeting adjourned.

Addison Buildings Maintenance Committee 


NOVEMBER 29, 2017    6:00 pm    aDDISON TOWN HALL

PRESENT: Gary Magby, Peter Davis, Glen Garnett, Terry Grant, Don Williams

Minutes of Tuesday September 19th accepted.
A unanimous vote for the first Wednesday of each month for our 1 hour meeting.
(that said we will NOT have a meeting tonight as we have nothing new to discuss )!!
  Our next meeting will be WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 3rd. at 6pm.
We discussed the issue of having a quorum for moving along projects important to the community and agreed that those in attendance at that specific meeting would carry the vote. It is important to the committee to give your input by phone (483 1263), e-mail ( or through your attendance at our monthly meeting. Your opinions and concerns are important to the success of the committee in making the best decissions for the community. If you  are currently in a situation that does not permit you to continue to serve as a member, kindly advise.
A review of the work schedule completed, ( exposed wires: electrical, internet and phone, exterior outlets, unsecured propane connection, water meter, north end returns and north end fascia, all on Town Office building..) Wind mill repair. Lighting in old Addison fire station.
A review of the work schedule yet to be completed, ( handicap ramp, fire escape sono tubes, drainage, vinyl siding repair where loose wires exist, foam insulation, all on Town Office building..) South Addison fire station - north side roof repair. Old Addison fire station automatic door opener.
Review and create verbage for posting requirements for bidding and accepting work contracts for the town. Competitive Town of Addison tax paying residents receive priority.
The committee will physically visit all Town locations as a group to determine necessary fixes and improvements. This will take place first part of April 2018, specific date to be announced.
Future long term building improvements: (addition to Town Office, computer up grades), and the like to be discussed at up comming meetings.

Addison Buildings Maintenance Committee 


September 19, 2017             6:00 Pm             Addison Town Hall

present: Tom Batson, Peter Davis, Terry Grant, Lloyd Jordan, Gary Magby, Ward Perry, Tim Thompson, Don Williams
also present: Lynn Dowling, Betty Thompson

Tim Thompson unofficially calls the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. sharp and begins discussion about the election of a new committee chairman, following the resignation of Dan Fortin. Peter Davis informs us of John Rittenhouse’s desire to not continue as co-chairman. Tom Batson nominates Peter Davis as chairman and Lloyd seconds. Peter expresses his concerns about not having the time to fully assume responsibility for the organizational aspects of the post. Tim wishes to open the nominations, Tom seconds. Tim nominates Don Williams, Tom seconds, allare in favor and Peter agrees to be available to assist Don with any questions.

Don officially calls the meeting to order at 6:04. Tim explains the agenda as presented and discussion of each issue is begun.

1.Peter assures us that a licensed electrician is needed to complete the electrical projects in the building. John Woodward is researching people to complete the communications wiring. Peter suggests Ted Bellows from Machias as a reliable electrician. He will be contacted to complete the work.

2. Dead River will be contacted to finish securing the propane line.

3. The water company will be contacted to install a water meter.

4. Peter will take care of the sono-tubes and fire escape if he is allowed until October 31st to complete the job.

5. Again, Peter will finish the returns with the same deadline as the fire escape. Otherwise the  work will go out to bid.

6. Peter tells us that Mainly Vinyl has not correctly finished its job by installing “A” elbows to the drainage pipes. These are necessary until the blacktop can be cut to finish the building drainage system. Tim Thompson will contact them to finish the job.

7. Tim asks that a sub-committee be named to measure for installation of an aluminum  handicap ramp at the rear door of the building. Lloyd suggests Dan and Peter. All agree and Tom Batson will assist as needed.

8. To be included with numbers 4,5. Peter will finish this job within the same delay.

9. Insulation is on hold until the electrical and communications issues are resolved.

MMA informed us that the north side roof of fire station 2 needs work. Tim Hanning will be asked for an estimate to finish this job.

Peter suggests a meeting of the entire committee be arranged in the near future to visit all of the sites owned by the Town to assess present and possible future needs.

Tim and Terry will tend to the windmill with funds in the turbine budget.

Tom informs us of a problem with the gate to the Addison Point Park. It needs to be reinstalled

but this is not urgent. Repairing the crumbling stone walls is more important.

Peter moves to adjourn at 6:45, Tim seconds.

Addison Buildings Maintenance Committee


 March 23, 2016                               5:00p.m.                                 Mayhew Library 

present: Tom Batson, Peter Davis, Dan Fortin, Glenn Garnett, Terry Grant, Paris Hammond, Lloyd Jordan, Gary Magby, John Rittenhouse, Tim Thompson, Don Williams 

Tim Thompson called the meeting to order at 5:00p.m. with the request that a few officers be named. Dan Fortin and John Rittenhouse were named as co-chairmen, Gary Magby was named as secretary. 

Subjects discussed without conclusion: 

1.   Lifting the building in order to work on the foundation and installation of a vapor barrier.KenJordan will lift the building 4 to 6 feet (but not move) for $65,000. Tim Thompson shares another proposition to lift the building and install a new foundation for $114,500. Paris Hammond expresses the importance of lifting and moving the building in order to properly work underneath and solve moisture problems from the ground up. 

2.  How to proceed with the recommendations of the official engineer's  report (on file) is discussed, along with the question of what to do with present town office functions during any ensuing repairs or renovations. Several of the professional builders present conclude that for the time being, any preliminary  assessment of the building's condition will not interfere with office functions. 

3.  Tom Batson questions the goals of the committee and reiterates the fact that no decision to repair/renovate the present town hall OR to build a new one has been reached by town vote.

The committee assures him that its present function is one of assessment  only. Tom Batson also suggests bringing black mold and lead paint experts into the process. Dan Fortin shares his experiences with Maine State agencies as positive during his tenure in charge of our publjc school building maintenance.Dan  also shares with the committee an estimate he has r.eceived

for lead paint encapsulation of the second floor of the town hall. Peter Davis expresse'd his concern about bringing state agencies into the process too soon. Tim Thompson has donesome research into this subject and assures that the question is premature given that the fate ofthe town hall is still unknown. 

All through the evening's discussion one thought was resurgent. To quote Peter Davis "expose to inspect" is mandatory to assess precisely the condition of the building before any further proposals are put before the public. Lloyd Jordan suggests opening the outside of the building up to 4 feet from the ground and inspecting the exposed structural elements to properly assess their condition. This can be done in small increments with the exposed areas being resealed each day.

The committee decided to propose to the selectmen at their next meeting that the "expose to inspect" procedure begin as soon as possible and that the appropriate funds be allocated with the understanding that the cost not exceed $5,000. Dan Fortin will present an exploratory plan at next Monday's meeting.

 Lloyd Jordan moves that John Rittenhouse (as an already insured town employee) be engaged to undergo the inspection under the supervision of the selectmen and other qualified professionals of the committee. The motion is seconded by Terry Grant and is passed by unanimous vote with one abstention (Tim Thompson). John will present an estimate to the selectmen at their next meeting. 

The meeting closed at 6:40p.m. with the next meeting scheduled for Wednesday March 30, 2016 at 5:00 PM - Mayhew Library.

Addison Buildings Maintenance Committee




March 30, 2016                        5:00p.m.                                 Mayhew Library 


Present: Peter Davis, Dan Fortin, Glenn Garnett, Paris Hammond, Lloyd Jordan, Gary Magby, Tim Thompson, Don Williams

Dan Fortin calls the meeting to order at 5:00 pm.
The minutes of the last meeting are read and accepted as written.

1.The main subject of discussion is the Town Hall expose and inspect/ condition assessment.
Dan Fortin requested a time frame for his work from John Rittenhouse who replied “as
soon as the weather permits.
Dan also voices the need (for safety reasons)for John R. to ribbon off interior areas
corresponding to the exterior areas on which he is working. G.M. agrees to relay this to
John R.
Upcoming events which may be posted:
1. expose and inspect
2. committee meets to decide the fate of the building… is it truly
practical to begin repairs or is it time to call in a priest.
3. if repair is to begin we must make public a repair schedule and its
impact on our town budget and tax revenues.
Peter asks if the town must be consulted in the case of any immediate repairs. Lloyd and
Glenn reiterate the need to complete the inspection before anything need be proposed
to the town.
Dan F. will distribute his list of repairs (following the guidelines of the engineer’s report)
to the committee for use during the inspection process. This list is to be used as a
starting point, with additions from the committee members as deemed necessary, for
making a repair schedule. Again, should the building be judge reparable. (for the
committee meeting following the completed inspection.)
Lloyd Jordan asks that John R. keep a photo record of the inspection process as well as
a written bilan. Tim Thompson will use this for a power-point useful for public
Don Williams requests a timeline from John R. for the start and proposed finish of the
inspection. Dan F. will press for a specific starting date.
Peter explains that John has asked him to help with the inspection. He has already
confirmed the possibility of being added to the town’s workman’s comp with John
Woodward. Peter’s liability insurance is already in place.
Lloyd again suggests that the inspection begin at the back of the building and progress
to the front. Perhaps some immediate repairs will be necessary… can the town add
more employees to work with John R. and Peter D. as the job moves along. Is a vote of
the selectmen necessary?
Lloyd also proposes that Marcus Norton and Stephan Oliver be added to the Buildings
Maintenance Committee. I will ask John Woodward to add this to the agenda for the next
selectmen’s meeting.
The building’s peeling paint is discussed. Glenn seems to remember that the building
was stained after it was last reshingled and then repainted with latex paint. The pros and
cons of painting vs staining, clapboards, vinyl siding vs shingles etc were discussed.
Glenn feels that for the long term more expensive shingles may be the cheaper option in
this climate.
Drainage in front of the building was discussed. It seems to be a mystery.
There is also a concerning hole in the driveway which may be the responsibility of the
2. Tim has had a request that the next meetings of this committee be held at the firehouse. I will
notify Alice of the change of lieu.
3. Paris Hammond has looked at the windmill piers and assures that they are in good shape for
at least another five years.
Motion to close the meeting is voiced and seconded. Dan Fortin closes the meeting at 6:05 pm.
The next meeting will be  April 6,2016. 5:00 pm at the firehouse Station 1 training room.


Addison Buildings Maintenance Committee


APRIL 6, 2016                                    5:00p.m.                      fIREHOUSE sTATION 1

present: Tom Batson, Peter Davis, Dan Fortin, Glenn Garnett, Paris Hammond, Lloyd Jordan,
Gary Magby, John Rittenhouse, Tim Thompson, Don Williams

Dan Fortin calls the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.
The minutes of the last meeting are accepted as read.

Weather permitting, it is hoped that the Town Hall building inspection begin on Monday the 11th.
Tim Thompson reports that he has passed around the outside of the building with a humidity
gauge. Moisture registered at the northeast corner of the building at over 22%, the boiler room
corner at 16% with the rest of the building much lower.
Dan Fortin notes that when the building’s foundation was last installed not all of the sills were
Peter’s Dad reports that the D.O.T. will repair the culvert around 1 May. He will search out the
mysterious drain pipes.
Don Williams presents a time line for the building inspection which will be revised as the
inspection goes on.
The above were followed by some brainstorming on the subject of the Town Hall, should it be
1. Perhaps do a reconfiguration of the interior spaces, rearrange the town offices with no
further use of the second floor.
2. It may be advisable to build an addition to the back of the building to house the boiler,
have a proper rear entrance to the building with updated handicap entry. This addition would be
useful to defer water flow away from the building to keep the cellar area dry.
3. With the addition of French drains around the building moisture problems should be
The meeting adjourned at 5:40 p.m.
The next meeting will be Wednesday April 13, 2016. 4:00 p.m. in the parking lot of the Town Hall.


Addison Buildings Maintenance Committee


     APRIL 13, 2016                           5:00p.m.                   

Present: Tom Batson, Peter Davis, Dan Fortin, Glenn Garnett, Paris Hammond, Lloyd
Jordan, Gary Magby, Stephen Oliver, Ward Perry, John Rittenhouse, Tim Thompson, Don Williams

The meeting began informally at 4:00 p.m. at the Town Hall with a viewing of section of the inner
structure of the building exposed by Peter Davis and John Rittenhouse on Saturday April 9.
Present were several members of the committee as well as members of the community, notably
Betty Thompson and Chris Chartrand.

The meeting is officially called to order at 5:00 p.m. at Fire Station 1 by Dan Fortin, the minutes
from the last meeting are accepted as read.

Don Williams presents a revised time-line for the inspection process.
Tim informs us that the maintenance budget contains around $47,000.
A written bilan is requested from J. Rittenhouse and P. Davis of their work up to the moment.
All present agree that the exposed part of the building is in much, much better condition than
was expected.
Lloyd Jordan proposes that the inspection continue as it has begun. The wheel chair ramp can
be moved to face north, that opening of the back wall continue to the boiler room at 4 feet high
and from the boiler room to the NW corner at 4 feet. From the NW corner along the W side at 2
feet until a solid area is found, with special attention given to the area under and around the fire
escape. A motion to accept Lloyd’s proposal is unanimously accepted.
Don Williams asks if we should not also be inspecting under the building at the same time. D.
Fortin and J. Rittenhouse confirm that, as per the previous engineer’s report, the joists are in
good enough condition to accept any sistering found to be necessary.
Given the funds present in the maintenance budget, Ward Perry wonders if the selectmen might
not simply go ahead with the repairs on the building.
Tim prefers to present the whole situation (repair proposals, new building proposals) to the town
since this committee was created to finally make realistic assessments for the public to
Paris Hammond and Lloyd Jordan stress the importance of some regrading and installation of
curtain drains to protect any repairs being done, as per the proposal of Marcus Norton.
The committee decides to continue with the inspection for a few more weeks before any
decision is made regarding any presentation to the town.
D.Fortin will prepare an outline and order of repairs for everyone to consider for the next
Tim passes a request from David Ingersoll that everyone be notified of the next meeting.
The committee will send a letter to the engineer who made the report on the building to inform
him that the Building Maintenance Committee has been formed and that the old Revitalization
Committee has been disbanded.
The meeting is adjourned at 5:30 p.m.
The next meeting will begin at the site at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday the 20th of April and will
continue at Fire Station 1.


Addison Buildings Maintenance Committee


                          April 20, 2016                           5:00PM              Addison Town Hall/Firehouse Station 1

PReSENT: Peter Davis, Dan Fortin, Glenn Garnett,  Lloyd Jordan,  Gary Magby, Stephen Oliver, Ward Perry, John Rittenhouse, Tim Thompson, Don Williams.

The meeting  began  informally at the Town Hall at 4pm with the majority  of the committee in attendance. We examined an exposed structural section at the rear of the building. An open discussion included  handicapped ramp, pealing  white latex paint, loose aluminum flashing,  core sampling, sistering and replacing rotted structural footers and stringers, fire escape stair case supports and other maintenance issues. The exposed  areas of the building  were then secured  with plywood  and the site was secured.

The committee meeting  was then moved  to the Fire Station  and officially  called to order at 5pm by Dan Fortin,  committee Chairman. The minutes  of April 13th 2016 were approved  as read.

John Rittenhouse presented pictures  of all the exposed  areas taken during the inspection of the East side and North side of the building. Peter Davis assured the committee that all areas viewed  in the pictures taken were repairable and could be accomplished within  the existing  maintenance budget of

$47,000.00. Conversation insued by the professional builders  and contractors on the committee that Peter Davis was correct.  Both John and Peter will continue to provide a written  work log of their additional findings  as they complete  the Phase  I inspection.

At this time we reviewed  Dan Fortin's recommended "Immediate" repair outline, as well as the "Long"

and ''Short'' term proposals. These  proposals are found in a separate report entitled  "Addison Town

Office Maintenance Evaluation", presented by Dan Fortin at this meeting.

After much discussion it was unanimous to recommend  to the town that the 13 point "Immediate Repairs" plan take effect. A suggestion to begin this plan on the East side only to ensure that we stay within  the current maintenance budget was agreed to by all. Tills proposal  will assure  that all costs are accurate as a result of hard spend and ''NOT" an estimation of cost. This repair will include all the white shingled  area (12'-4" high and 80' long) of the East side of the building. It will include framing, structural integrity, foam insulation, sheathing  and siding-  yet to be decided. Dan has contacted Brown Engineering and an Insulating contractor for quotations.  Other quotations will be provided by local environments.

Lloyd  Jordan recommended that the Selectman  move to accept  the Immediate Repair  Plan with the funds that are currently available. Tim Thompson Selectman on the committee recommended that a Town Hearing  be called to explain  the Building Maintenance Committee progress and fmdings  before spending the maintenance funds. A motion  was made to pass on our current  recommendations to the Selectman for their approval to move forward with "The  13 item Immediate  Repair  Plan" to the East side of the building.

Tim Thompson suggested that we meet twice a week for the next several  weeks  to move the project forward. The purpose is to get the East side complete before cold weather  returns. All agreed.

These  minuTES will be presented at the Selectman's meeting  Monday April 25, 2016. Meeting adjourned 6pm.


Addison Buildings Maintenance Committee


May 25, 2016                           5:00PM              Addison Town Hall

 Present: Tom Batson, Peter Davis, Dan Fortin, Glenn Garnett, Terry Grant, David Ingersoll, Gary Magby, Ward Perry, John Rittenhouse, Tim Thompson, Don Williams

 Dan Fortin calls the meeting to order at 6:00 pm, the minutes of the last meeting are accepted as read.

 Dan mentions that the present job log (work on the Town Hall) which for the moment consists only of dated photos must be accompanied by a written description.

In order to continue with repair preparation on the north wall, Peter Davis requests permission to remove the overhang over the back door. This request is approved later on in the meeting. He and John R also speak of the need to replace a few stringers under the Town Office floor. This simple job will be completed in the next days.

A more updated schedule of the building repairs can be made once a choice of materials is made.

Anderson, Marvin and Pella windows are discussed.

 Viking pre-dipped shingles, Georgia Pacific stamped vinyl shakes, vinyl siding, clapboard siding, etc are all discussed.

 Many of those present feel that materials should be purchased from EBS with whom the town already has an account. This would narrow down the choice of brands for the materials.

Ryan Shaw is approved as the best choice to handle the spray foam insulation part of the project. He is local.

 Terry Grant is consulted regarding the replacement of the east wall electrical panel, the addition of first floor outlets and the pre-installation of new wiring to the second floor. All to be completed before the spray foam insulation is installed. Doug Norton and David Green are suggested as electrical contractors,

The next meeting will be Wednesday  June 1, 2016, 6:00 pm at the firehouse. The meeting is adjourned at 7:15pm.

Addison Buildings Maintenance Committee


August 3, 2016                        6:00 pm                                   Firehouse Station 1


Present: Tim Thompson, Dan Fortin, Don Williams, Peter Davis, Tom Batson, Glenn Garnett, Lloyd Jordan, Ward Perry, Gary Magby

 The meeting is called to order by Dan Fortin 6:02 pm

1.  Peter Davis moves that the minutes from the previous meeting be accepted as read. The motion is seconded by Tim Thompson. All are in favor.

2. Total of funds spent so far for Town Hall building repairs is somewhere around $17,000.

3. Balance remaining somewhere around $20,000.

4.  Next steps are to be: finish office floor repairs. to include the stringers under Alices desk.

Dan proposes that John and Peter proceed with the outer West wall in the same manner as the east wall. Which means to expose the sills, etc in small sections and then proceed with repairs as necessary. Peter prefers to strip the entire wall and do repairs right away. He feels that this will save time. The builders present certainly don’t anticipate any surprises

Peter would like to begin the work with John on or around the third week of September. Tom Batson affirms the need for extensive wiring work for the office and the kitchen. Dan will consult the office staff for their electrical needs. Tim Thompson thinks that the computer wiring might go into the office maintenance budget.

Peter says that the east wall electrical panel is not yet finished. It must be properly mounted and inspected as soon as is possible.

5. A quote for gutters from Mainely Vinyl has been received for $1800 or $3600 for two sides.

Glenn suggests consulting the Gutter Guy. 

6.  There is some discussion about drainage, gutters, etc. and Lloyd feels that this should be last step after all of the walls have been repaired. He thinks that if the wall repair is finished using funds that are already in the budget, we will have a solid ground on which to stand when the continuing projects are presented to the public for approval at Town Meeting next March.

At this point Glenn moves that Peters suggestion (paragraph 4, line 4) to proceed directly with repairs to the west wall without exploration. Lloyd Jordan seconds the motion. All are in favor.

 9.  Tim Thompson would like to propose to the Selectmen that this committee assume the management of all town facilities. Questions arise about the Town Park and the docks.

Peter Davis moves that the proposal be accepted and passed on to the Selectmen for their approval. Dan Fortin seconds the motion. All are in favor.

 Dan Fortin closes the meeting at 6:56 pm

Addison Buildings Maintenance Committee


September 6, 2016                          6:00 pm                             Addison Town Hall

 present: Lloyd Jordan, Tim Thompson, Terry Grant, Dan Fortin, John Rittenhouse, David Ingersol, Stephen Oliver, Gary Magby, Don Williams

 Dan Fortin calls the meeting to order at 6:00 pm

 1.  Tim Thompson moves to accept the minutes from the last meeting as read, Dan Fortin seconds the motion. All are in favor.

2.  Accounting sheets for the Town Hall repairs to date are distributed.John Rittenhouse needs to add some miscellaneous expenses. Dan Fortin asks him to submit his remaining hours and materials to be included in the present account. All present remark that the account balance is even healthier than expected.

3.  Continuing with work on the west wall should fall easily in the budget. A few questions are raised about the fire-escape. Solutions are already in hand. As soon as west wall repairs are finished we can also finish up with the spray foam insulation. Tim suggests re-siding the front wall at the same time as the west and all agree.

4.  Dan has spoken with Fair Point about removal of the extraneous telephone lines on the west wall. Tim wishes to run new wiring in the west wall as was done on the east. Lloyd Jordan suggest adding conduit for additional new wiring (internet updating, new phone lines, etc) while the wall is open.

5.  Tim asks John Rittenhouse if there is a date planned for replacing the floor joists under the present office space. John replies that it will be done at Peter Davis’ return.

6.  GutterGuy proposes $1800 for both sides of the building. 5” gutter, 3 spouts per side. All are still in agreement that gutters will be the last thing to be installed.

7.  Tim mentions that second floor returns are in need of attention. Birds are entering the attic, some sheet metal has pealed away in the wind. John Rittenhouse will check prices of Genii lifts for the repairs and schedule.

8.  John Woodwards wish list for office space and facilities is distributed and we will seriously reflect on his suggestions, considering the present space,its possible reconfiguration and the potential extension of which we have spoken recently.

9.  About the extension: there is still a question about boundary lines between the Town Hall property and that of the Swaynes. Don Williams suggests contacting Monica Froese for possible surveying and title search. Dan will check with John Woodward.

10. Tim Thompson is pricing security systems for the Town Hall.

 Dan Fortin closes the meeting at 6:50 pm, Lloyd Jordan moves, John Rittenhouse seconds, all are in favor.


Addison Buildings Maintenance Committee


November 16, 2016                 6:00 p.m.             Addison Town Hall

Present: Ward Perry, Lloyd Jordan, David Ingersoll, Glenn Garnett, Peter Davis, Don Williams,
Gary Magby, Dan Fortin, Tim Thompson, John Rittenhouse, Terry Grant

Dan Fortin calls the meeting to order at 6:04 p.m.
Minutes of meeting on the 26th of October. There are some corrections to be made to the list of
attendance: Gary Magby and Paris Hammond were not present, Ward Perry was present.

Lloyd Jordan moves to accept the minutes as corrected, Dan Fortin seconds the motion and the minutes are accepted.

David Ingersoll reports a problem with non-functioning lights at the Sand/Salt Shed. They will be repaired by Terry Grant, repairs to be coordinated with the repair of air returns in the north endof the Town Hall.

 Peter Davis is arranging for the rental of a 45 ft extendable lift. For two days work (Sand/Salt Shed lights and Town Hall return repairs) Peter and John estimate around$1000, lift rental, materials and labor.

Dan raises the subject of Town Hall basement insulation. The new office wiring is not yet enclosed so the foam insulation can not yet be completed.
John Rittenhouse would like to install a Network Box to simplify future access to wiring.

Dan also questions whether or not funds for completing the spray foam insulation will be on hand once the wiring is completed. He wouldprefer waiting until all details are finished up before doing the insulation, probably in the Spring.

Gutter installation is discussed. Mainely Vinyl proposes commercial grade gutters. Drainage is considered. Glenn Garnett moves to accept Mainly Vinyl’s proposal, Tim Thompson second the motion. Motion is accepted with two abstentions (Lloyd Jordan/Dan Fortin)

Gutter installation, Sand/Salt Shed lights and all other repairs noted in the “additional Repairs” paragraph of October 26th’s meeting minutes should still fall within budget.

Tim asks that we examine the state of electrical service in Old Station 1. Tim informs us that he has a surveyor who will examine the boundary line between the Town Hall and the property of the Swayne family.

Dan Fortin asks if we should not have a buffer in the Building Maintenance account in case of major emergencies. Tim Thompson assures us that the Selectmen are in the process of arranging a proper budget for our projects given that there will be no new income from the sale of Tax-Due property this year.

Dan Fortin moves to close the meeting at 7:05 p.m.

Addison Buildings Maintenance Committee


January 5, 2017                 4:00 p.m.             Addison Town Hall

 Present: John Rittenhouse, Peter Davis,  Don Williams, Ward Perry, Lloyd Jordan, Dan Fortin, stephen oliver, Glenn Garnett, Tim Thompson, Gary mabby, John woodward


Chairman Dan Fortin calls the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m.

Tim Thompson moves to accept the minutes of the last meeting as written. Motion is seconded by Peter Davis and the minutes are accepted as written by all present. 

Tim Thompson had wished to reorganize the Building Maintenance budget lines in the name of efficiency but given the end of year work, the departure of Alice Tucker and upcoming Town Meeting preparations his proposals are deemed inappropriate at this time. This idea will be studied at a later date, probably in June. There is some concern that many items proposed for the Maintenance Budget may not be “maintenance” but operating expenses. To be reviewed in June. 

Dan Fortin expresses some concern that funds on hand will not be sufficient to hold through 2017. John Woodward thinks that there will be approximately $30,000 available as the year proceeds. (funds presently in the account, $15,000 to be added in the 2017 budget as well as funds to be released after audit of a property sale.)

Dan will guesstimate the remaining work on the Town Hall. 

The only remaining structural urgency is the installation of “sono tubes” to the second floor fire escape. 

The important projects to be finished for presentation at Town Meeting in March are:

1.  electric, telephone and internet. John Rittenhouse and Terry Grant will finish up outside outlets. John and Tim will install the internet NetWork box, RJ45 connectors, etc. (probably during the 3rd week of January) 

2.  spray foam insulation. Dan will check with Ryan to be sure that his estimate still holds and when he may consider finishing the installation of the vapor barrier and spraying under the building. 

Glenn Garnett moves that these projects be completed a.s.a.p , motion seconded by Lloyd Jordan and all present are in favor. 

Dan Fortin moves to adjourn at 4:50 p.m.