Photo Taken by: Kimbley Davis - View from Pleasant River

Harbor Committee



PRESENT:  Chairman Dean Crowley, Secretary Justin Thompson, Jason Tyler, Billy Thompson, Dean Cirone, Brent Redimarker, Eddie Guptill, Ricky Guptill, Luther Choate, Tim Thompson

1.   Meeting called to order @ 4:03 PM

2.   Discussion to change mooring late fee due date from August 1 to
January 1 . This has already been approved by town vote but was never enacted ,
Tim Thompson will see if we can instate it or will it be required to
place it on the warrant again .

3.   Motion was made to raise mooring fee from $20 to $50  for resident
and raise non resident from $50  to $125  and  to raise late fees for
resident to $50 and non resident to $125 .  5 votes cast 4 yes 1 no .

4.   Discussion was had  about having a waiver to sign for boat storage
or maintenance, tabled until lawyer could be consulted .

5.   Meeting was adjourned at 5:50 pm .

Harbor Committee


 May 3, 2016

PRESENT: Dean Crowley , Justin Thompson as Harbor committee members , others were Dean Cirone , Jeremy Cirone , Tim Thompson , Ed Guptill , David Thompson .

1. Meeting called to order at 4pm , by Dean Crowley Chairmen .
2. Dean Crowley made a motion to nominate Justin Thompson as Secretary ,
seconded by Justin Thompson , 2 votes cast all in favor .
3. Discussion for repair at South Addison landing for erosion of under
side of pavement , Dean will contact Marcus Norton for estimate on
excavation of old ballast and replace with blasting stone, then have
County Concrete resurface with asphalt .
Discussion for drawing up a waiver to be signed and filed for any
commercial vessel / recreational vessel that wishes to haul out at
landing and put vessel on stands for temporary repairs .
4. We the Harbor Committee made a motion that haul out of commercial
vessel / recreational vessel will require a waiver to be signed and
filed at town office  to place vessel on stands for short term repairs .
5. Jeremy Cirone will draw up rough draft for haul out waiver and submit
to John Woodward for review.
6. Dean Crowley nominated Dean Cirone for South Addison , Eastern Harbor
,  Harbor Master position . seconded by Justin Thompson , 2 votes cast ,all in favor .
7. Meeting was adjourned at 5:30 pm .


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