Photo Taken by: Kimbley Davis - View from Pleasant River

Harbor Committee



Present: Chairman Dean Crowley, Justin Thompson, Dean Cirone, Brent Redimarker, Ricky Guptill, Jason Tyler, Billy Thompson, Alex Thompson, and Dana Crowley
Selectmen Present: VJ Lenfestey

1. Meeting called to order @ 5:10 pm .

2. Discussion about Amendments to the ordinance that were put on warrant worded differently than the committee wanted them.  It was decided that article 27 and 28 were ok as written , but 29 the committee thought should be written that a sign only to designate overnight parking was necessary and there was no need for calling the harbor
master about parking, will make recommendation to selectmen .

3. It is the harbor committees recommendation that the ordinance be amended to allow for the haul out of vessels to be allowed for emergencies or repairs for up to 2 weeks maximum.  Vote taken all in favor. Will make recommendation to selectmen .

4. Vote was taken to add Brent Redimarker, Dean Cirone, and Ricky Guptill to the committee passed all in favor .

5 Discussion about resignation of members Billy Thompson and Luther Choate, Billy plans to give his resignation and Dean Crowley called Luther Choate and he plans also to resign .

6. Meeting was adjourned @ 7:00 pm


 Harbor Committee



PRESENT: Chairman Dean Crowley , Secretary Justin Thompson , Jason Tyler , Alex Thompson , Billy Thompson ,Dean Cirone,  Dana Crowley , Ed Guptill , Rick Guptill , Adrian Batson , Judy Rolfe , Tim Thompson , Irving Pinkham

1.  Meeting called to order at 5:05 pm.

 2.  Discussion was mainly about South Addison landing pier project .

3.   It was decided that we would ask John Woodward to contact  Pine Tree Engineering to ask for updated estimates of construction cost of a new pier .

 4.  It was discussed how best to present the  project to the townspeople so they can fully understand why this is such a needed addition to the infrastructure of the town .

5. Some of the reasons for need discussed were , Commercial fishing uses, Clammers , Wormers , Island Trail Institute , Carpenters , Sportsmen ,

Sea Tours , Kayakers , Emergency Services , and the fact that there is no public pier available for these purposes that can be used by all for all future time .

6.  Meeting was adjourned at 6:25 pm.


Harbor Committee



PRESENT: Chairman Dean Crowley, Justin Thompson, Alex Thompson, Billy Thompson, Jason Tyler, Ed Guptill, Dean Cirone, Ubbie Crowley, Adrian Batson, Judy Rolfe, Butch Pinkham, Rick Guptill, Tanya Ruckosky, Jimmy Crowley, Dana Crowley, Tim Thompson.

1. Meeting called to order at 5:00 PM 

2.  Discussion about weather we need a petition of towns people to apply for Grants for funding for Town Pier at South Addison town landing .

3.  Tanya Rucosky from the Sunrise County Economic Council was present to answer questions and assist with Grant applications .

4.  It was decided that Addison should join Washington County Council of Governments .

5.  A motion was made that we ask the Selectmen to join WCCOG.  3 votes cast.  3 in favor .

6. It was decided to meet again with Tanya Rucosky after she does some research into Grants that fit our situation.  That meeting is set for August 21st @ 5 PM .

7. Meeting  adjourned at 6:25 PM.

Harbor Committee



           Present: Chairman Dean Crowley , Justin Thompson, Jason Tyler, Dana Crowley, Rick Guptill, Ed Guptill, Dean Cirone, Adrian Batson

1.  Meeting called to order @ 6:05 pm

 2.  Discussion and motion made to have Tyler Marine haul, repair, and reset floats at South Addison town landing and do this annually. 3 votes cast all in favor .

        3.  Discussion to have 3 alternate committee members 3 votes cast all in favor .

        4. Discussion to write article for warrant to see if the town will accept the vote of Harbor Committee to choose and allow 3 alternate members .

        5. Discussion had about revisiting getting a pier built at South Addison town Landing , and seeking out possible Grant to fund the project .

Harbor Committee



PRESENT:  Chairman Dean Crowley, Secretary Justin Thompson, Jason Tyler, Billy Thompson, Dean Cirone, Brent Redimarker, Eddie Guptill, Ricky Guptill, Luther Choate, Tim Thompson

1.   Meeting called to order @ 4:03 PM

2.   Discussion to change mooring late fee due date from August 1 to January 1 . This has already been approved by town vote but was never enacted,
Tim Thompson will see if we can instate it or will it be required to place it on the warrant again .

3.   Motion was made to raise mooring fee from $20 to $50  for resident and raise non resident from $50  to $125  and  to raise late fees for
resident to $50 and non resident to $125 .  5 votes cast 4 yes 1 no .

4.   Discussion was had  about having a waiver to sign for boat storage or maintenance, tabled until lawyer could be consulted .

5.   Meeting was adjourned at 5:50 pm .

Harbor Committee



PRESENT: Dean Crowley , Justin Thompson as Harbor committee members , others were Dean Cirone , Jeremy Cirone , Tim Thompson , Ed Guptill , David Thompson .

1. Meeting called to order at 4pm , by Dean Crowley Chairmen.

2. Dean Crowley made a motion to nominate Justin Thompson as Secretary, seconded by Justin Thompson. 2 votes cast all in favor.

3. Discussion for repair at South Addison landing for erosion of under side of pavement, Dean will contact Marcus Norton for estimate on excavation of old ballast and replace with blasting stone, then have County Concrete resurface with asphalt. Discussion for drawing up a waiver to be signed and filed for any commercial vessel / recreational vessel that wishes to haul out at landing and put vessel on stands for temporary repairs .

4. We the Harbor Committee made a motion that haul out of commercial vessel / recreational vessel will require a waiver to be signed and filed at town office  to place vessel on stands for short term repairs .

5. Jeremy Cirone will draw up rough draft for haul out waiver and submit to John Woodward for review.

6. Dean Crowley nominated Dean Cirone for South Addison, Eastern Harbor,  Harbor Master position . seconded by Justin Thompson , 2 votes cast ,all in favor.

7. Meeting was adjourned at 5:30 pm.


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