Shellfish Committee Meetings/Minutes\

Shellfish Committee


 January 19, 2017


PRESENT: Frank Batson, Thomas Batson, Adrian Batson, Timmy Cirone, Bret Burke,

(from DEI – Kyle Pepperman and Mark O’Brian)


6:19 PM - Meeting is called to motion.

Quorum is established.  Topics for discussion at this time are:  Articles for Town Warrant recommended by DMR.  Frank Batson motioned to accept Amendments to the Shellfish Ordinance as recommended by DMR in the letter dated August 1, 2016 from Director of Bureau of Public Health, Kohl Kanwit.  Thomas Batson seconded the motion.  Motion passed and accepted.  100,000 seed clams will cost $2,500.00

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM.



Shellfish Committee


June 21, 2016


 PRESENT: Frank Batson, Phillip Rusecky, Bret Burke, Timmy Cirone, Irving Pinkham


Meeting is called to motion.

Those present voted to include $2,000.00 for Boat trailer and Maintenance.  Committee votes to include $2,000.00 for reseeding account for conservation activities and a total of $4,000 from taxation.  The cost of 60,000 hatchery seeds will be $600? Funds for reseeding need to come from the revenues of license sales. $2,000 will be taken from the surplus and put into the reseeding account. $4,000 will be taken from taxation.  An article needs to be on next year’s warrant to have a percentage of revenues for the reseeding account. Committee voted unanimously to recommend to the Selectmen that Adrian Batson be accepted as a member of the Shellfish Committee.

Meeting Adjourned.