Shellfish Committee Meetings/Minutes


OCTOBER 4, 2018

PRESENT:  Adrian Batson, Irvin "Butch" Pinkham, Judy Rolfe, Philip Rusecky

Meeting called to order at 6PM.

1.       Discussed the recent ASP closures. Brought up about testing ourselves and finding out where we could have this done. Judy going to write a letter through the process of FOAA to the DMR Commissioner asking for the Data.

2.       Middle Ground discussion. The committee voted unanimously 4 to 0  to send a letter to the Addison Board of Selectman with the Suggestion that the Town leave it the same as the Previous agreed upon contract between Jonesport and Addison. The only change we would suggest that written into the Mutual Ground agreement that either Warden for the Towns can enforce any and all Shellfish Ordinance Rules.

3.       Butch’s request to Addison Selectman to be able to get a Addison Commercial Shellfish License instead of having to go to another Town. This was Tabled to more of the Committee is in attendance.

4.       Discussion on finding someone else to also get certified as Shellfish Warden as a part time in the event the Shellfish Warden is on vacation or unavailable to cover on a as needed basis.

5.       Removing nets out of Ports Harbor and Crowley Island still needs to be done.

6.       Still need to purchase the life jackets and oars.

7.       Intertidal Management Plan: Tabled talked about making sure Pleasant River would be closed

8.       Army Corps Permit Application for areas of Conservation work with Spat boxes and Nets

Next meeting Nov. 1, 2018
Meeting adjourned at 7:20 PM




APRIL 2018

PRESENT: Adrian Batson, Bill Moore, Irvin Pinkham, Judy Rolfe, Philip Rusecky

Selectmen Present: Timothy Thompson   Others in Attendance: Timothy Merchant, DMR - Heidi Leighton


Meeting called to order at 5:30 PM.

Judy Rolfe made a recommendation to add Tim Merchant as an Alternate to the Shellfish Committee, Bill Moore made a motion to accept and Irvin Pinkham seconds.  All members were in favor of recommending o the Selectmen to add Tim Merchant as an Alternate.

Dates and Times were set for conservation:

May 18th and 19th - Transplant seed from Reef Pt to Ports Harbor

June 2nd and 3rd - Reef Pt to Crowley Island

June 12th and 13th - Reef Pt to Ports Harbor

June 3rd thru June 9th - Butch will be available to do Brushing Activities and Shoreland Cleanup

Next meeting date - May 22nd at 5:30 PM

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM.


Shellfish Committee



February 8, 2017

Meeting Facilitator: Frank Batson

Meeting called to order at 6:10pm

PRESENT: Frank Batson, Timothy Cirone, Brett Burke, Irvin Pinkham (Shellfish Warden), Adrian Batson, Philip Rusecky.

Others in Attendance: Tim Thompson (Selectman), Judy Rolfe, Justin Thompson, Alex Thompson, Billy Thompson.

Read Minutes for Januarys Meeting and Frank made a motion to accept and Adrian seconded that motion.

New Business

       I.            Adrian Batson made a motion to nominate Judy Rolfe as member of shellfish committee and the CoChairman/Secretary was seconded by Brett Burke majority of the vote cast in favor. In this position, Judy, will be the voice of the committee when the Chairman Frank Batson may not be able to attend.


      II.            Discussion of the now withdrawn proposed bill LD 202 HD 158 Act to Abolish Municipal Shellfish Ordinances. Explained to committee what it meant and about emails that we should be on lookout for this bill to be reintroduced under a different name. Judy will keep on top of the information coming in on this and let the committee know what is going on with it.


     III.            Reseeding Projects discussed of plant pots in Ports Harbor, seed and nets in Eastern Harbor, Bells Cove, Bickford Point and West River Area. 100,000 seed clams from DEI Brian Beal for $2500.00 sent in for approval to the budget committee and Selectman. Discussed enforcement of keeping the Worm diggers out of the area. Tim is going to set up a meeting with Sunrise Economic about the Clam Farm possibilities.   Also, discussed how to make conservation credit mandatory to renew or get license. Decided to keep this option open for a future meeting.  Frank made a motion to accept doing 100,000 seed for $2500. From DEI, Butch Irvin Pinkham seconded it. Majority of vote to accept and submit. Dates will be decided at next meeting.


    IV.            Judy brought up discussion of the Application to DEP by Alex Thompson to add a 24’x24’ addition with a 16’x 20’ building onto his wharf that was built approximately 1 ½ yrs. ago. Discussion opened for fact finding purpose? Alex told us he just wanted to add the building to use as storage of his gear and some bait. To make it easier for him to work on gear during the winter and be able to load traps on and off. Much discussion on this proposal was discussed. What effect it would have on the Clam Flats in the Cove and that we would still want to make sure there was access for the diggers to get to the flats and Alex assured us that there would be no problem with diggers accessing the flats as they always have. Concern over this since many towns are facing limited access to the shores with new construction. Tim Thompson brought up the fact that the new application was stated for Alex to use it commercially and with other fisherman coming and going. We were concerned that he was going to have many boats in and out and Alex assured us that it was just going to be him and possibly his Dad.  This is a prime clam area and one of the reseeding areas we had discussed previously. Much discussion went on about this proposed project and we left it without a vote.

     V.            Discussion on more extensive surveys to prove our role in protecting our flats. Work with Heidi Leighton the Marine Biologist and learn to do more extensive survey and data collection. Judy will contact Heidi and set up time to have her teach us the new data collection process.


    VI.            Discuss Seasonal Pollution of the West River. After much discussion, we aren’t sure if the house that has been empty has a bad septic and that’s what is causing this. Judy said she will research the tax maps and let Tim know what ones were suspected to be the cause. We discussed other Pollution Closures and Tim Thompson said he will talk with Betsy and if it is the house and septic see what we can do to get it condemned since it is on the market to be sold. Topics ranged from what no source pollution is and the noname points in reference. We asked Tim if the selectman will work with us to help us find the problem and maybe a solution to possibly get these flats that have been closed a long time reopened. Tim agreed to help as much as he can.


   VII.            Next, we discussed setting a set meeting date and time as to save cost of publishing in paper and so members can remember better. Tim Thompson as selectman informed us that we couldn’t meet officially at Franks house anymore. Judy is going to call Chief Jim Emerson to discuss the possibility of using meeting room at the Fire Station as to that would be easier for Frank to get into and have the advantage of using power point for discussions. During this time of discussion of future meeting time Justin, Alex and Billy left the meeting. Next tentative date is March 22nd and always on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 5:00pm from here on in. Frank motioned to accept the new meeting time and Adrian seconded with majority of vote of yes.


  VIII.            Tim Thompson reminded the committee of the deadline on the Application of Alex Thompsons Wharf addition and the time limit of DEP to voice our concerns.  After much debate and discussion again we decided to vote on this agenda item. As a committee, many were not aware of the impact that this would have on our clam flats with the application being for a commercial wharf with 6 Fisherman using it. Brett made motion to send letter opposing the wharf and Adrian Batson seconded it. Majority of vote  4/2 to oppose the wharf and request a public hearing by DEP.


Adjornment at 7:45 Frank made motion to Adjourn meeting and Butch Seconded the motion. All of them were in favor.


Shellfish Committee


 January 19, 2017


PRESENT: Frank Batson, Thomas Batson, Adrian Batson, Timmy Cirone, Bret Burke,

(from DEI – Kyle Pepperman and Mark O’Brian)


6:19 PM - Meeting is called to motion.

Quorum is established.  Topics for discussion at this time are:  Articles for Town Warrant recommended by DMR.  Frank Batson motioned to accept Amendments to the Shellfish Ordinance as recommended by DMR in the letter dated August 1, 2016 from Director of Bureau of Public Health, Kohl Kanwit.  Thomas Batson seconded the motion.  Motion passed and accepted.  100,000 seed clams will cost $2,500.00

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM.



Shellfish Committee


June 21, 2016


 PRESENT: Frank Batson, Phillip Rusecky, Bret Burke, Timmy Cirone, Irving Pinkham


Meeting is called to motion.

Those present voted to include $2,000.00 for Boat trailer and Maintenance.  Committee votes to include $2,000.00 for reseeding account for conservation activities and a total of $4,000 from taxation.  The cost of 60,000 hatchery seeds will be $600? Funds for reseeding need to come from the revenues of license sales. $2,000 will be taken from the surplus and put into the reseeding account. $4,000 will be taken from taxation.  An article needs to be on next year’s warrant to have a percentage of revenues for the reseeding account. Committee voted unanimously to recommend to the Selectmen that Adrian Batson be accepted as a member of the Shellfish Committee.

Meeting Adjourned.

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