127 West St.
Bar Harbor, ME 04609



EdGE is forging connections between in-school and out-of-school learning, student and teacher, child and family, and school and community.
The Maine Sea Coast Mission created EdGE in 2002 to provide children in Downeast Maine with opportunities to learn skills, improve academic performance, build character and work effectively within groups. EdGE is and innovative, comprehensive approach to education and youth development. Program activities include leadership training, science workshops, outdoor recreation and fitness training, creative writing, skill-building in math and science, and puzzle solving exercises using computers and the visual arts.
Together, students and families learn how to navigate the challenges of growing up with the help of experts on topics such as building safe schools and developing communication skills. EdGE family events nurture the parent-child relationship through academic support, recreation opportunities and fun.
Originally serving children in two schools in 2002, D.W. Merritt Elementary and Harrington Elementary, EdGE has expanded to serving 300 students in 17 communities and 10 schools. The results have been impressive.

Over 50% of students attend regularly, which is twice the national average
79% of parents of regular attendees attended one or more family events
Over 2,480 volunteer hours were donated to the EdGE
85% of all students retained or improved their math and language arts grades
96% of students who formerly had poor class attendance attended more frequently
87% of students who had a hard time getting along with others showed improvement
96% of students who used to turn in homework late were getting it in on time

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