1.     Complete the Application in full and return to the town office with the appropriate fees.

2.     Property must be inspected by the CEO

3.     The Municipal Officers will set a date for a public hearing

4.     A notice must be sent via Registered Mail to all abutting property owners and the Department of Transportation informing them of the application and the hearing date and time.  The town office will take care of this and charge the applicant for the cost.  If the applicant prefers to take care of this procedure, they must provide proof to the Municipal Officers before the public hearing.

5.     The town office will then post a Notice of Hearing, between 7 and 14 days prior to the hearing in at least two public places and in one local newspaper. 

6.     If the application is for a first time establishment, the Municipal Officers must give written notice to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles between 7 and 14 days prior to the hearing.

7.     It is recommended that the applicant attend the public hearing to answer any questions that might arise.

8.     The State now requires that all Automobile Junkyards, Recycling, and Graveyard businesses obtain a State Dealers License.  These forms are also available at the town office.  This needs to be done annually even though your permit might be approved for a 5 year period.  The cost for this license is $150.00/year.  These are submitted directly to the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

9.     A permit, other than a limited-term permit, may not be granted for an Automobile Graveyard, Recycling or Junkyard Business that is not in compliance with all applicable provisions of the automobile dealer or recycler licensing provisions of Title 29-A, Chapter 9.  The Municipal Officers may award a limited-term permit conditional upon the applicant providing proof of compliance with the State of Maine provisions, within the limited term.

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