All ATV registrations expire on June 30th of each year.  ATV registrations may be done on line at this website: or at the Town Office.  New registrations require a bill of sale that includes the serial number and the amount paid for the vehicle along with proof of sales tax paid.  If sales tax has not been previously paid, this will be done at the time of registration.  Non-resident registrations are exempt from sales tax.  Plates are no longer required, instead a registration sticker must be clearly displayed on both the front and rear of the ATV.  Expired stickers must be removed or covered. 

Registration fees are:   New registration     $33.00 plus $2.00 agent fee
                                      Re-registration    $33.00 plus $1.00 agent fee
                Non-resident new registration    $68.00 plus $2.00 agent fee
                   Non-resident re-registration    $68.00 plus $1.00 agent fee
                             Duplicate registration    $1.00
  Replace stickers/Duplicate registration     $2.00
                                           Transfer Fee  $4.00

Please check the rules and regulations either on line or pick up a book at the Town Office.  To report any violations of ATV laws, call Maine Fish & Wildlife at 1-800-253-7887.  

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