ALL MOTORCYLE REGISTRATIONS NOW HAVE A MARCH EXPIRATION.  Motorcycle plates must now display the inspection sticker, also.



Automobile registrations (new and re-registration) must be done at the Town Office.  For New registrations bought from a dealer, you must bring with you: a current insurance card, mileage, window sticker, blue title paper and proof of sales tax that has previously been paid.  New registrations bought from an individual, you must bring with you, a current insurance card, mileage, title signed by seller (if vehicle is a 1995 or newer) and a bill of sale.  Re-registrations must bring a current insurance card, mileage and either the month your registration expires or your old registration.  Sales tax is figured on 5.5% times the cost of the vehicle plus there is a $33.00 Title Fee for all vehicles 1995 and newer (effective January 1, 2011).  If you purchased your vehicle from a dealer, you may have already paid these and will not have to do so again at the time of registration.  If you wish to Transfer plates from one vehicle to another, you must bring with you, the registration of the vehicle that you are transferring from.  You may receive full credit on the excise tax, from the vehicle that you are transferring from, if the time left is more than 4 months otherwise you will receive ½ credit.  There is an $8.00 plate transfer fee, $4.00 agent fee and $3.00 transfer charge.  Attached are plates that are offered.  The town office has most of these available.  As of September 1, 2008, the fee for the chickadee plate and the base rate is $35.00; most other plates will have an additional $15.00-$25.00 fee.  Vanity plates cost an additional $25.00 above the base and specialty plate fees.  Vanity plates can not be done at the Town Office, these are done either at a Motor Vehicle Branch Office or on-line at and click on Vanity Plate Search and Order.


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