Town Beach Trails
The Shore Path begins at the beach and winds it's way around the woods and shore. This is the easiest of the trails but there is some mild climbing involved. The panoramic ocean views are spectacular. The path is 1/2 mile long. If you don't want to continue on the Boundary Trail, you must go back the way you came on the Shore Path.

The Boundary Trail starts at the end of the Shore Path and leads through a dense woods . Many parts of this path are moss covered and the sounds of the forest are amazing. This path is a little difficult, with some areas of steep climbing. Some areas can have standing water so wear appropriate footwear. It's ends out on the Narrows Rd. close to the Town Beach Rd. It  is 1/2 mile long.

The Bog Trail starts off of the Shore Path, loops around, and ends in another section of the Shore Path. In the spring there is an assortment of lovely woodland wild flowers on this path. It is a fairly easy path to traverse. This path is 1/8 mile long.

The Spruce Trail begins off of the Boundary Trail. It wanders up and down an area filled with spruce trees. The aroma is heavenly. Portions of this path are difficult. It ends on the Town Beach Rd. close to the parking lot. The path is 1/4 mile long.
Cape Split Trail
The Cape Split Trail begins atop the rocks at the north end of the beach. This trail winds along the shore, ending on the rock formations in Marsh Harbor. You must walk back on the same path. It is not a well maintain path because it is a collaboration between the Great Auk Land Trust and the private land owners. There are area's where you must go onto the rocks. It can be difficult to get to at high tide. Because some of this land is privately owned, you must stay on the trail. There are some low lying areas so use appropriate footwear. The views are worth the restrictions  If you bring binoculars and hike at low tide, you get a close-up view of the seals that sun on one of the smaller islands not far from the shore. There is usually an array of different ducks that feed right offshore that include, grebes, eiders, brants mergansers, loons and many more.

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