Taken from Addison, Maine - A Bicentennial History 1997



The Addison Point Aquaduct Company (now known as the Addison Point Water District) was incorporated in 1857 with 25 stockholders.
  The shares were sold at $110 each.
  This gave the shareholder the privilege to use the system. 

The water comes from a spring located on the road leading to Columbia Falls almost on the Columbia Falls town line. 
The water was brought into town by gravity feed through cypress logs.

The wooden logs were dug up in 1956 and replaced with three inch P.V.C. pipe.
  In 1976 a well was drilled to help supplement the springs and a holding tank was put in to provide a reservoir during dry seasons.
  In 1996 the Addison Point Water District served 67 households.
  Plans are underway to install new water mains and a larger storage tank at a higher location to improve water pressure. 

CLICK HERE -----> 2016 Annual DrinkinG Water Quality Report

Click Here -----> 2018 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

The Annual Water District meeting will be Friday, November 17th at 6:30 PM. Plan to meet at the Addison Town Hall. Topics for discussion to include - rate increases.

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CONTACT - Alison Smith

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